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Joanne offers free initial advice for employees and then a number of funding options:

  • No Win - No Fee

Subject to a favourable assessment of the merit and value of your claim we can offer to represent you under a no win - no fee agreement.

If we settle your case or win at the Tribunal Hearing our costs are 35% of the settlement sum or any compensation awarded. If you lose all you pay are our travelling expenses to the Tribunal. You will be responsible for any dispursments that are incurred, for example, the cost of any medical experts reports in a disability discrimination claim. We will, however, obtain your consent to any disbursement before it is incurred and other funding methods may be available such as from the Employment Tribunals Service. If we all agree to proceed on this basis we will send you a no win - no fee agreement together with a full explanation of how this method of funding works.

  • Hourly Rate

We can also represent you on a traditional hourly rate basis which is payable whether you win or lose. How much you pay will depend upon the amount of time we spend on your matter. We will provide you with full details when you are considering which funding option is best for you.

  • Insurance Cover

If you have the benefit of Legal expenses cover which is usually provided under your household insurance policy or similar products we may be able to act for you under the terms of your policy. The benefit of this is that your insurers meet your legal fees and you keep 100% of your damages. Please note that sometimes your insurers try to insist on you using their own panel solicitors. However, insurers are not generally entitled to restrict your right to appoint a solicitor of your choice. Please do not hesitate to discuss this further with us if you think it may be an issue.

  • Settlement (Compromise) Agreements

It is usually a term of Settlement (Compromise) Agreements that an employer pays all or most of an employee's costs incurred in the negotiation and completion of that Settlement (Compromise) Agreement. Again, if you have any queries with regard to this please call us to discuss it further.

  • Employment Tribunal Fees

Fees in Employment Tribunals were introduced on 29 July 2013. So now if you issue a claim for unlawful deduction of wages and holiday pay (Type A claims) you have to pay a fee to the Employment Tribunal of £130. The fee for all other claims including unfair dismissal (Type B claims) is £250.
There will then be a Hearing Fee due 28 days before the Hearing is set to take place. The fee for Type A claims is £230 and Type B claims £950. If you win your case the Employment Tribunal has the discretion to order that the employer reimburse the fees to you.
What about if you can't afford the fees?
If you are claiming certain benefits to include income based Jobseekers Allowance you can get fee remission.
Also if your disposable monthly income or gross annual income is below the levels set by the government then you may be entitled to either full or partial fee remission. Click here for the Governments leaflet on Fee Remission for more detailed information

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