Employment Advice for Employees
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Joanne May has a successful and significant track record in representing employees at all levels in employment disputes. She prides herself in understanding your perspective how ever senior and experienced you are and what ever size of the organisation you may be pitted against.

Joanne offers FREE INITIAL ADVICE and then a number of funding options:

Joanne deals with all aspects of employment law, so if you:

  • have been dismissed or forced to resign
  • have been made redundant
  • believe you have been discriminated against because of your sex, age, race, disability, religious belief, or sexual orientation
  • have a settlement (compromise) agreement to sign
  • believe a colleague of the opposite sex is being paid more than you
  • feel you are being harrassed or bullied at work
  • have had money deducted from your wages
  • have had problems relating to your maternity rights or other family friendly rights
  • or your employer is attempting to to change your contract of employment

then call or email Joanne now for FREE INITIAL ADVICE

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